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The A3 Review offers a Brief Critique Service for writers looking for knowledgeable and forward-looking feedback on their work. We are passionate about writing and believe strongly that rewriting and refining a poem or short story is an essential and satisfying part of a writer's development. 

We will suggest ways to revisit and strengthen your short story or poem. Through our feedback, we aim to offer you tools to carry forward into other stories and poems you are working on.

Critiques are for prose and poetry up to 150 words.

An overview of what we offer:

  • 200-word feedback
  • a line edit of your work via Track Changes
  • where relevant, suggestions for further reading

We look forward to being part of the ongoing development of your work.

About the Editor:

Shaun Levin, Editor, is the author of Seven Sweet Things, Trees at a Sanatorium, and the short story collections A Year of Two Summers and Snapshots of The Boy. His short stories and essays have been anthologised alongside writers such as Ali Smith, Nadine Gordimer and Edmund White. He has won an Arts Council Writers' Award and the Moment-Karma Short Fiction Prize, judged by Jonathan Safran Foer. Shaun is the founding editor of the literary magazine Chroma, and the creator of Writing Maps. Anthologies he has edited include Things that Have Happened and Writers in the Crowd.

What people say:

"Shaun's biggest gift to me was to teach me never to be satisfied with  the mediocre - to dig beneath my words until I found their core beauty  or anger or power; in other words to find the truth of what I was trying  to say." Rosie Rowell, author of Leopold Blue.

"I was impressed by the breadth and depth of the service, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for the kind of feedback that is both challenging and supportive. A combination of written critique and detailed edit of my manuscript provided tremendous scope for my learning, and helped identify the most critical areas for focus." Dr Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes.