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Welcome to The A3 Review's January Contest

The prompt for this month's Contest is: Thanatos. In other words: Death. Thanatos being the Greek god of nonviolent deaths. Send us work about the death of a loved one, as in Stephen Dunn's wonderful "The Routine Things Around the House," or meditations on your own death or the death of a person in history.

You could write about the fear of death or a near-death experience, that time when... Send us your stories and poems about characters who risk death, like firefighters who go into burning houses. Write the firefighter's soliloquy.

Treat death with a light touch, as in Joe Brainard's "Death" or Charlotte Perkin's Gilman's "I Would Fain Die a Dry Death." Find inspiration in the heartbreaking words of W.H. Auden's "Funeral Blues" and Etel Adnan's “The morning after / my death."

What does it mean to be "dying to see someone" or to be "sick to death"? Explore!

We live in an age of so much death. Wars, famine, human brutality, natural disasters. Rage against the lives lost. Write about indifference and activism. Send us your 150-word jeremiads.

We welcome short stories, flash fiction, poetry, comics, graphic stories, a snippet of memoir, photographs, illustrations, and any combination of the above. The only restriction is a word-limit of 150 and images should fit well into an A6 panel.

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DEADLINE: 25 January 2020

Please make sure to view our full guidelines here.

Entry fee is $5 (approx £3) per submission. Multiple submissions welcome.

All genres welcome. All writers and artists welcome.

The two winning entries from each month's contest will be published in Issue #12 of The A3 Review in early April 2020. Winners will also receive contributor copies and Writing Maps.

CASH PRIZES: Three overall winners of the September till February contests will receive cash prizes: 1st = £250, 2nd = £150, 3rd = £75 (approx: 1st = $325, 2nd: $195, 3rd: $95).

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your work!

PS. We offer feedback on submissions after the deadline date. If you'd like suggestions on ways to strengthen your work, just add the Brief Critique option to your submission fee, and we'll provide you with a line edit of your work, along with a 200-word critique.