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Welcome to The A3 Review's April Contest

The prompt for this month's Contest is: Normal. What's normal? Who cares? We're not normal! Sometimes we have wished we were, but we're not. How about the new normal? How has the world changed for you, and what's become the new normal? Write about a character grappling with the new normal? What'll happen to the new normal?

The word normal comes from norma, the Latin word for a carpenter's square. All straight lines and sharp corners.

Don't worry about writing a "normal" poem or a "normal" story. Be inspired by Edwin Torres' "My normal is better than yours" or write about things getting back to normal after a dramatic event, as in Laurel Blossom's "Normal."

You could: Write about a character who gives up trying to be normal; or use traditional poetic forms to write about being traditional or conventional; or explore "average" - what it means to be above and below it; or maybe write a short memoir about the joys of being ordinary.

Send us meditations, rants, abstract drawings, rules and survival tips for those of us who don't feel quite "normal." 

We welcome short stories, flash fiction, poetry, comics, graphic stories, a snippet of memoir, photographs, illustrations, and any combination of the above. The only restriction is a word-limit of 150 and images should fit well into an A6 panel.

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DEADLINE: 27 April 2019

Please make sure to view our full guidelines here.

Entry fee is $5 (approx £3) per submission. Multiple submissions welcome.

All genres welcome. All writers and artists welcome.

The two winning entries from each month's contest will be published in Issue #11 of The A3 Review in early October 2019. Winners will also receive contributor copies and Writing Maps.

CASH PRIZES: Three overall winners of the March till August contests will receive cash prizes: 1st = £250, 2nd = £150, 3rd = £75 (approx: 1st = $325, 2nd: $195, 3rd: $95).

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your work!

PS. We offer feedback on submissions after the deadline date. If you'd like suggestions on ways to strengthen your work, just add the Brief Critique option to your submission fee, and we'll provide you with a line edit of your work, along with a 200-word critique.